The National Alpaca Directory is now the AOBA North American Alpaca Catalog!

We’ve partnered with the Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association to bring the alpaca industry and our directory members even more value with a new and enhanced coast-to-coast catalog of alpacas.

The new directory is built on the same solid foundation of online marketing principles, but now the directory carries even more weight with the AOBA name behind it. In addition, we’ve ramped up the features available significantly:

  • More useful to buyers – Buyers can search and narrow down alpacas for sale using 18 criteria. See Alpaca Search options
  • More ways to promote your farm – List more details about your alpacas, including show wins, fiber specs, heritage, status and so on. Call attention to services you offer, like boarding, training, financing, farm tours, etc. See Farm Search options

View an overview of features now available with the AOBA North American Alpaca Catalog

What this means for existing seoAlpaca National Alpaca Directory members:

The National Alpaca Directory is no longer located at Now these exciting enhancements can be accessed at

In order to continue the benefits of your directory listing, you’ll need to be a member of AOBA, as the new Catalog is only open to AOBA members at this time. You can join AOBA here if you’re not a member yet.

If you’re using the seoAlpaca directory to list and update your alpacas on your website, you can continue to do so. Your alpacas will continue to display on your website as usual, though they will not show in the directory.

The new system at includes many new enhancements for alpaca pages. Paid subscription to is required to take advantage of the new and enhanced alpaca listings for your website and in the directory.

View features and pricing and get started today!

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What is the North American Alpaca Catalog? Watch Video

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